About me

Hello my name is Jenna Starkey and I’m a 26-year-old optimist from the hills of Berkeley, CA.  I graduated from the University of Oregon Journalism School in 2010, where I fell in love with riding bikes over puddles, hiking under gloomy skies, embracing creative fears, the Pacific Northwest, and living simply.

As much as I loved Eugene, Oregon and being a flower child, I will say that, ever since moving to a little place called North Beach in 2012, the wild beatnik part of San Francisco between the strip clubs and bookstores, Chinatown mortuaries and loud Irish bars, Italian coffee shops and seagulls – I have never felt more at home. I tell people that San Francisco has always been my Emerald City. The place I use to gaze out my window at with a twinkle in my eye when growing up across the Bay. I am grateful to have ended up here and found a place that makes my heart feel so free.

In August of 2013, I took a job as the Communications Manager for an independent school in the Oakland Hills. I’ve been here now for almost two years, and I am so grateful to have found work and a community that makes me smile every day.

I started this blog in 2009 or ’10 as a project for a PR class I took at Oregon. It contains posts about my early endeavors in public relations, communications, professional development, travel, infused with the everyday thoughts and ideas I feel compelled enough about to share online. One of my first descriptions of this blog said, “It’s rooted in my belief that music can cure and inspire anything and that happiness can be found in any moment depending on two things: attitude and perspective.” Though I never entirely honed in on this theme, I appreciate that this was my intention.  I’m happy to say with confidence that those beliefs still remain center to what inspires me every day.

So many years ago I  named this blog “The Enthusiast’s Radio” after my Enneagram personality type, “The Enthusiast.” For those who know me know, the Enneagram is a personality typing system based in ancient Greek psychology that has made a lasting impact on how I live my life. My mom introduced me to the system when I was about 12, to help everyone in my family learn to understand each other better.  Through the Enneagram, I learned that we are all driven by different, yet connected, motivations. The Enneagram has given me tools to appreciate perspectives, for which typically are very different than my own. Regardless of whether the system is perfect, I believe that the insight offered in the Enneagram is the most compelling study (that I’ve found) on the variety of mental, emotional, instinctual triggers of human beings. If you and I have crossed paths at some point in life, you have more than likely heard me mention the Enneagram in some way. I like to think that I have “enlightened” all of the 15 roomates I’ve ever had, and every stranger I’ve felt comfortable enough to say “hello” to on the bus.

Another one of those descriptions I listed about this blog in 2010 says, “My friends and family will all tell you that my mind tends to work like a radio: expressive, scattered and informative.  I hope to be just that as I express myself with this blog, because it is me in every sense.” So there you go.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you. Enjoy!


2 responses to “About me

  1. like your list.
    left out AM http://www.myspace.com/amsounds

    worth checking out

  2. g gallagher

    Be sure to visit Sutro Park.

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