Elephant Journal and My Anxious Mind

Hi out there,

I just my found this article about easing anxiety, from my favorite publication of all time (Elephant Journal), and thought it was worth sharing.

You may be surprised to know that I have “struggled” with anxiety for many many years, since around high school really. Usually taking the form of social anxiety, overwhelm or restlessness. The culprits? Public speaking, mind-chatter, and just the overwhelm of the abundance of life. I am a certified head case, and have been told I live in my brain. I can confirm that this is true. So, I read the article about easing anxiety without medication, and it near brought me to tears because it validated so many of the conscious little steps I have been working on to improve my relationship with it all. Putting my head over my heart to remind myself I am alive and present is my favorite move. Discovering it was simple yet revolutionary for me. Closely followed behind the every day reminder given by my new ring, which has “live in the here and now” engraved on the inside (as close to a tattoo as I will ever get). The constant reminder of being alive, as volatile and nerve racking as it may be, is the only solution I have found to ease my discomfort.

“Simply bring the light of awareness to your intense feeling. Shine that light so brightly on it that it has nowhere to run. Look at it. Locate it in the body, if you can. As difficult as it may be, try not to let the mind figure it out and think about it. Instead, feel it. Give it a color or shape. Acknowledge that as uncomfortable as it may be, it is in you.”

I am starting to learn how to really swim through my discomfort instead of trying to purge it out the other way. This article, as so many others from Elephant Journal have done, are beautiful reminders that I am, and you are, human beings with a never ending list of feelings to work through and try on. Each day we may feel similar emotions a little bit differently, as familiar and debilitating as it may be sometimes. The fear of saying the wrong thing, the sadness of being heartbroken, the overwhelm of living life the right way.  For me, these feelings come back again and again like waves crashing relentlessly, and each time I absorb them with new perspective. Sometimes even with a great deal of energy and epiphany. I am grateful that this is the conclusion my monkey mind leads me to if I stay in the darkness long enough. To me, that’s staring my biggest fear square in the face.





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