Spending the day at Stanford’s Social Innovation Review Conference #socialmedia

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.37.13 AM

Why: I thought it would be interesting to post first takeaways from today’s conference. The notes are just an unedited snap shot of a learning experience, which sometimes I find quite insightful in and of itself. The nature of the process I mean; the madness of the method…

What: My neat notes from Social Innovation: Social Media on Purpose so far:

Libby Leffler, Strategic Partner Manager at Facebook
Photo Friday
Include communities
Competition for cover photo
Photos are everything, doesnt matter where they come from or the quality
Analytics are also everything. See what content has the most impact.
Engage other groups/orgs
Tag other organizations
Set milestones on timeline
Resource center: Nonprofit page on Facebook – downloadable best practices and video
Pose questions to the public, have the public share their experiences


Takeaway: Networking was key as were the “destinations” of my train of thoughts (tools to implement, names to email, stories to share, programs to download, people to follow). Great day and great exercise for me to practice being an ambassador.


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