Stop Making Sense

One of my favorite DVDs of alltime is a filmed concert by the Talking Heads from 1983, perfectly titled “Stop Making Sense.” I often feel like this is the motto I want the world to live by, in order for us all to fully enjoy it. I grew up listening to the Talking Heads (thanks to Dr. Daddy Starkey), but never realized how fantastic David Byrne was until I saw this film.  I can’t stop smiling when I watch it. I think it also represents why I love music and musicians so much – especially from the 70’s and 80’s – the ones that are pure passion, pure creativity and pure rays of joy and life.   Some random youtube commenter explains my thoughts on this particular Talking Heads song perfectly – “…Rarely see such a seriously tight performance by performers who refuse to take themselves or each other or the song or the performance too seriously. But man do they nail it. It’s a riot of attitude – that never misses a beat. I love the black chicks adding their own narration. Hell, everybody on stage is narrating as they go, and everybody gets it right. It’s the United Nations of frenetic funk at top speed..”

I highly recommend watching this DVD on a big screen some cool, cooky night with your friends. David Byrne and his peeps are too great, too silly and too infectiously joyous to pass up.


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