The art of being a simple girl

My life soundtrack in 2008 consisted mostly of songs from a simple girl named Jessie Baylin.  Her music was fresh air in my lungs when I first saw her live at the WOW Hall in Eugene, Oregon in fall of that year.  Today I discovered her latest album “Little Spark” – where she has managed to pick-up exactly where she left off. Her music still crisp like a rainy day and  romantic like a lazy one in summer.

You will see when you watch her video for “Hurry Hurry” below, she is a beautiful, simple girl. She is everything I strive to be; patient, whimsical and understated. But even more captivating than her endearing demeanor is her approach to music. Her song writing is poetry and her voice, honest. I look forward to seeing this 27-year-old force of a woman blossom and begin to receive attention for what she has created – her Jessie Baylin brand that is so deliciously authentic.


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