Share Beer with Friends with Carlsberg’s Mobile App

This is plain awesome. I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark where Carlsberg beer was simply the lifestyle. Aside from the fact that I was in one of the greatest cities ever with new foreign friends and freedom, Carlsberg beer was absolutely the number one social influencer. On top of that I know for a fact that I spent more money on it than food.

So this little gem, the Carlsberg Tournée Digital created by Carlsberg Belgium is a mobile application for sharing rounds of Carlsberg beer with friends to drink in real life. It’s a social networking game in essence. You choose your group name to remind your friend’s whose round it is, we’ll call mine “Jennisberg” (even though my favorite probably has to be “Bobbysberg”). You then have the opportunity to win a round of beers (I believe you can purchase them as well) for your friends and post an invitation to an event or party in town to Facebook or Twitter where you can later meet up to share that round of beer together.

I like their tag line: “Carlsberg takes you away from the computer, and back to the bar.” Who doesn’t want that? Truly a simple yet brilliant little concept.

The app is available on iOS and Android, but don’t get too excited (I know I am) because good luck finding Carlsberg in San Francisco, unless you want to host a party in the imported beer section of Whole Foods. Maybe a local brew pub will create one for our little city. Who in San Francisco doesn’t want to get away from the computer and back to the bar for free beer and socializing? I sure as heck do!

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  1. This is awesome! I’m going to have to try it out. I think the Carlsberg Brewery was my favorite tour while in Europe. Well, next to the Disney Land of beer, the Guinness Factory. I have a great picture of the elephant statues out front. I loved the Carlsberg blondes and have yet to see the beer in the States!

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