What’s The Daily Deal?

I don’t know about you, but daily deals seem like the trendiest platform on the block these days. Groupon had me at hello with fifty percent off American Apparel clothing a year and a half ago. Then came the fierce seventy-five percent off competition from Living Social, and because I’m a loyal user I accepted Yelp’s take on the daily offerings too. Clearly I’m on the bandwagon.

Even though only two deals have been compelling enough to win my patronage, the reality is they give me good ideas about what to do in the Bay Area, not to mention they’re good conversation starters. If you were to ask me, that’s reallywhy I haven’t gotten rid of them yet.

More than a few times, Living Social deals have been the topic of morning conversation in our office. First it was the clamoring for the $2 movie tickets the week Bridesmaids came out and then it was the commiserating over the sell-out of the $1 lunch deal throughout San Francisco.

When it comes to making the transactions, iPad users may be having the best luck snagging the quick deals. According to a recent Forbes article, tablets are the likely future of mobile commerce. The rich content, the portability and the larger screen make transactions easier. This may be why those $1 lunch deals flew out the door that day.

Groupon Now is another daily deal feature that has recently caught my attention. It’s also the number one reason Groupon is the only daily deal app on my phone. The Groupon Now feature takes the dealing finding process one step further by finding deals in a so many mile radius of your immediate location. Want something to eat? Get 50% off pizza next door. Want to have fun? Get 50% off tandem bike rentals across the street. If you haven’t checked it out, you probably should. The navigator button is just too quick and snazzy to pass up.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t feel overwhelmed by the growing number of deals that fly at my inbox every morning. So many companies are incorporating a version of the marketing tool into their websites and mobile apps anyway (cough cough Sephora) that I’ve completely accepted that this is the direction of mobile commerce.

I know there are tons of other daily deal sites and services out there. Which ones did I miss and what’s your favorite?

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