Music and the Mobile Phone: A Revolution in the Cloud?

Who still carries around an iPod to listen to music? Man o man, is it possible that thing is outdated already too? For better or worse, the day I got my iPhone I started leaving my iPod (the one device with my complete music selection) at home.  Mostly, I was tired of carrying two bricks around in my purse. But I also enjoy Pandora, TuneIn Radio, Shazam and other mobile music alternatives available on my phone.

Like the other white-Apple-earbud-city-goers you see around town, I’m plugged in everywhere I go.  While there’s a lot to love about carrying only one technology device around all day (my iPhone), I can’t help but feel like I’m neglecting my hard earned, well-crafted music library when I tune into whatever is available on my phone.

Lucky for me, I won’t be having separation anxiety from my desktop music selection much longer. As with everything else these days, music is making its way to the cloud. My dear friend Kelly Montgomery from Digital Trends recently wrote an article about the iCloud, Apple’s take on solving my mobile music dilemma. Essentially Apple’s new service, similar to Amazon’s Cloud Drive, will allow us to store our entire music library in the cloud so we can access our tunes from multiple devices – iPads and cellphones included!

I must say I’m pretty pumped about this. It’s been a challenge for the past five years or so juggling the music I love. I’ve had an iPod, an iTouch, a shuffle, two laptops, two Blackberries, and finally an iPhone (fortunately I’ve never had MobileMe) – all of which at some point or another have lost me money due to the fact that I’ve either a.) lost songs in transition or b.) simply spent money on music and services I already had or didn’t need.

It makes sense to me that the cloud is the future of mobile music, and I’m excited to get on board. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, “the notion of having a home computer as a digital hub for content will soon be outdated … because the new hub will be available in the cloud.”

As our music libraries make the shift from desktop to cloud, I can’t help but anticipate a change in mobile music platforms.  I picture a focus on the re-purposing of our music libraries, similar to the way iTunes’ Genius builds on and plays with the music we already have.

I really can’t complain too much about how far music has come in the past ten years. But it seems to me the cloud is setting us up for yet another music storing revolution.

What are your thoughts on storing music in the cloud?

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