INTRO: All Jenna Could Jet. 9 Cities in 40 Days.

A week before I planned to move back home after my college summer job, I spotted quite possibly the greatest facebook status I have ever read: “Just bought a JetBlue All-You-Can-Jet Pass, 1 month unlimited traveling, $499. Fly anywhere jetblue flies from september 6 to oct 7.”

The status belonged to a friend of mine, Emily, to whom I immediately commented back with a disbelieving “No way!”

The minute I realized the deal was real, I made moves to buy the pass.  According to Twitter gossip, it sold out within two days last year. I was taking no chances.

Once I recieved the confirmation email, I had exactly ten days to create the itinerary. I would be going alone, just the way I wanted – however this meant the pressure was on to connect with friends. 

I know enough people in random cities throughout the United States, I knew I could make it happen.

So I called everyone I could think of. I called old childhood best friends, study abroad friends from Copenhagen, friends from the University of Oregon, my brother’s friends, my brother’s girlfriend’s friends, and pretty much everyone in between.

After days of drawing maps and configuring plans, calling, texting, emailing, facebooking, and changing flights (for free!) – my plan was finally made.

First, I would be visiting my study abroad friend Eliza in Austin Texas. Next, my childhood best friend Georgia in New York city; my brother’s girlfriends friend Nikki, my childhood friend David, and college friend Saramaya all in Chicago; my childhood friend Lauren in Boston; high school softball teammate Paige in Buffalo; childhood friend Allie in Washington D.C.; college friend Brett in Seattle; and lastly my boyfriend Kevin in Los Angeles.

Finally with a plan, and a brand new blue suitcase, I was ready to go. Woohoo!!!! And nervous as hell… haha

More to come!


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  1. Jenna, this sounds like the experience of a lifetime. I still want to hear so much more about it!

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