Fav New Music Websites

1. WeAreHunted – A fantastic online music chart my friend Spencer turned me on to. User-friendly and addictive. Great find Spencedog.

2. TheHypeMachine – I just spent hours upon hours listening to new songs, artists and mixes on this website.  I discovered a lot of really cool songs under the “Twitter most hyped” section. I stumbled upon dozens of blogs and websites allowing free downloads and links to some of my new favorite artists.

3.StereoMood – Really excited about this one.  It’s a music radio website like Pandora, but it pre-categorizes songs by mood.  It was raining today so I listened to the “It’s Raining” station, which offered hundreds of mood relevant songs to sift through. Pretty much the perfect website. Credit to my dear friend Miss Margo Winton for finding this one. 🙂

4. TuneGlue – A simple and awesome program to help anyone find new music.  Just pick a band or artist you like and the program will create a web of relevant or related artists.

5. Etunes – “ The indie iTunes — Hardcore music fans are migrating to eMusic, the iTunes Music Store’s cheaper, cooler cousin.”

5. OneTrackMind –  This is a daily music blog which spotlights a different individual song each day. Each featured track is critically assessed and open to discussion via user ratings and comments.

6. TheCouchSessions – This is an online magazine dedicated to all alternative urban music lovers.  They provide current and quality reviews, interviews and discussion about new and fresh new talent.  Great resource.

7. RcrdLbl – Free downloads of awesome remixes and other great new artists. I have found some serious gems on here.

Oldies but always goodies:

1. Pitchfork – The essential independent music guide.

2. Lastfm – The world’s largest online music catalogue, powered by your scrobbles. Free internet radio, videos, photos, stats, charts, biographies and concerts.

3. Pandora – My personal favorite internet radio service personalized to help you find new music based on your old and current favorites.

4. Grooveshark – Allows you to create internet radio stations and listen to songs for free. No “song-skipping” limitation like Pandora.

What other sites or programs am I missing? I’d love to know!…cough cough Kelly Montgomery?…


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