Pre-Sasquatch Festival Review

In two days I will be heading to the Sasquatch music festival at the absolutely breathtaking Columbia Gorge in Washington state.  About a hundred performers including bands, singer-song writers, dj’s and comedians come to perform.  The festival mostly emphasizes indie and alternative rock as well as hip-hop.

This will be my third experience at the festival, and is as always a greatly anticipated event in my world.  My friends, my roomates and I whole heartedly look forward to it for 362 days out of the year.

Hopes for this year’s festival:

I hope it doesn’t rain too much. Last year it was 80 degrees almost the entire weekend. Honestly, I’d love to hold out on the real Woodstock experience if I can at all help it.  I also hope to meet some new Canadian friends.  They are absolutely as kind and courteous as the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver said they are.

Sasquatch to me is a time to meet people and be whoever we want to be. Whether it’s making sure you catch all your favorite bands, finding new ones to listen to, finding your friend in a lost crowd, the perfect Sasquatch outfit, or your way back to the campsite at midnight – the whole experience is one big, awesome adventure.

Performers I’m looking forward to most:

I’ve recently fallen in love with a new band called The Tallest Man on Earth. I hear a modern day, in-tune, Bob Dylan when I listen to his new album “The Wild Hunt.”

The Local Natives have also stolen my heart recently.  They are so up and coming, it’s hard to go anywhere without name dropping. The group is made up of five heartfelt, truly talented guys from Los Angeles. They sing with absolutely beautiful harmonies, and have found such a calming and refreshing new sound in their music.  I cannot wait to hear more from them!

Best shows from years past:

There are two shows from last year’s festival I’ll never forget.  The first was the Fleet Foxes performance…talk about beautiful harmony.  This band is maybe my favorite drive-into-the-distance roadtrip music ever. The band played at dusk with the sun setting behind the open stage last year – a moment I can’t forget.

The other performance was by a musician named Justin Vernon who plays under the group name Bon Iver.  I remember looking at the people in the audience around me fall absolutely seduced by him.  I’m not sure if I’ve seen a more special show in my life.

A little about Sasquatch Social Media:

Sasquatch like most other music festivals including Coachella, Banaroo and Outside Lands have been really present on social media the past few years. I’ve noticed that the @Sasquatchtweet twitter username has been particularly active this year. Considering my recent addiction to twitter, I really appreciate the constant updates about new bands, lineup changes and changes in the structure of this year’s festival for the months, weeks, days and even minutes prior to showtime.


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