“We Believe the Mess is Just as Important…”

In response to the post by Heidi Hackeme entitled “Get a Life: What’s Your 20% Project?”

This blog post caught my attention. It’s about inspiration primarily, but also about balancing hard work with creative freedom.

This blog post by a BBH employee gives us a glimpse into some innovative new projects created by their members. The company encourages creative minds to embrace the courage to execute projects, no matter how random and off-beat they may be – and not even for the financial profit of the company but for the benefit of a positive working environment.

“We looked for candidates that had a bit of ‘mess’ in their resume, i.e. a curiosity, a drive to think about and do things beyond pursuing the perfect advertising career,” says the planning director from the global innovation and advertising company BBH. “We believe the mess is just as important as the “proper” education.”

The company was inspired by Google’s “20% time” philosophy, which allows engineers to dedicate one day a week working on projects that aren’t necessarily in the job description. Employees can use the time to develop something new, or fix something that’s broken.

Here are some of the BBH team’s inspiring “20% projects”:

These ideas are so fun and such great reminders to invest time fine-tuning fresh ideas that may not be given permission to execute elsewhere.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr member virginhoney)


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