The Beauty of a Good Website

I can’t be the only person who bases decisions on website first impressions…

I remember starting my college search like it was yesterday. It wasn’t until I visited that I started to feel better about the daunting application process.  This website was clean, manageable and inviting.  It was my official first impression of the University of Oregon, which proved to have been a lasting one.  I will never forget it.

Over the years, I’ve really started noticing a trend with my relationships to websites in general.

Just the other day I browsed for Eugene catering services for my graduation party and made my decision within minutes because of the efficiency, thoroughness and clarity of the website.  Hole in the Wall BBQ’s website not only caught my attention, it answered all my questions and made it simple to order a dinner for 40 guests.

Of course bad websites can also get my attention. I chose my capstone PR class client based on what the organization’s inefficient website showed me. To me, all I saw was potential. The website was unreadable and bland, and I instantly knew there was progress to be made.

As it turned out the organization needed all the help they could get managing their presence online. We’re not finished with the site yet, but hopefully with simple improvements they will  be able to keep traffic flowing to the website and allow clients to use their service more effectively.

To sum things up, I thought it would be interesting to ask friends which websites they enjoy and revisit the most based on site efficiency and organization.  Here are few that came up:





Let this be a reminder that websites are the face of business these days.  They have the power to attract or lose people in an instant.  If you’re ever in the position to help set up a website or blog, just take your time to scrutinize the format, and remember what a clean, user-friendly template does to you.


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