Compiling History with Twitter Tweets

“When History is Compiled 140 Characters at a time”

“Twitter users now broadcast about 55 million Tweets a day. In just four years, about 10 billion of these brief messages have accumulated,” says blogger Randall Stross. It’s incredible to see this simple online program take off the way it has. Truly.

It took me months to understand how vast and informative twitter can really be. It’s been a year since I made my twitter account, and I can honestly say that I’m hooked. Each twitter tweet is concise, made of no more than 140 characters each – perfect for my short attention span.

I used to get discouraged by having to keep up with current events, sports stats, celebrity gossip, entertainment and local news, but Twitter has completely diminished that frustration. I can sit down for a no more than a half hour and feel significantly caught up on the weekly, daily, hourly happenings.

Not only am I informed but I am free to share my thoughts and tokens of wisdom with my followers on my own schedule. As Daniel J. Cohen of George Mason University puts it, “Twitter is of the moment; it’s where people are the most honest.” I couldn’t agree more.

Tens of millions of users are tweeting their thoughts, daily activities, factual information, theories, inspiration and business ideas. How absolutely fascinating would it be if there was an archive to organize this information. Imagine years and decades and centuries later reading through this kind of history.


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