Breathing Life into my Blog

In response to a blog post by Altitude Branding entitled “9 Ways to Breathe Life into your Blog”

Yes, yes and yes.  These nine ideas have sparked a major confidence in my ability to march forward with this blog. Here are my thoughts on how to make magic happen with my new baby:

1. Capture Ideas Everywhere  – This is a great reminder to keep jotting things down wherever you go. My most profound moments always seem to come to me before bed, yet I reject my impulse to reach for a scrap of paper.  Never again will I do so. Genius comes once in awhile, we have to catch it when it sparks.

2. Mine the Holding Pen – Yes, trusting our instincts when pinpointing our creative direction is so key.  And the concept of “going with the flow,” speaks to me more than coffee in the morning.  We have to trust that inspiration is right when it’s right.  Right on.

3. Dedicate Writing Time – This is the best advice for me. I am so scatter-brained sometimes I feel like I need a leash. For me it’s all about clocking in time.  Whether it’s jotting “blog time” in my iCal or a post-it on my forehead, the actual writing needs to happen or the blog will fade. Sadly it has happened to me once before.

4. Capitalize on Idea Storms – This speaks to me.  This is exactly how I operate – on bursts of inspiration.  More often than not, my inspiration storms keep me up quite literally all night, and I stack on the topics to tackle at a later date. Sometimes I feel that the good of one post means stifling my “idea storms.” But no, let’s never stifle times like these for the clarity of one topic – especially when it comes to blogging.

5. Minimize the Me Too Posts – This is great advice, especially for someone like me who likes to capitalize on the great ideas of others.  The best token of advice here is to “reframe” with new perspective.  Capturing a captive audience with a handful of fresh new ideas on a similar topic immediately puts the standard “me too” posts into a different category.

6. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone – Even though I agree with this statement, I have always been hesitant to write about anything in-depth that I don’t feel confident about discussing with either my father, my professors, or my peers. The problem with this hesitancy is that like Amber suggests, this is all too true: ” inexperienced perspectives can be groundbreaking and insightful.”

7. Get Over the Comment Count – I agree, I think it’s hugely important to write mostly for yourself.  Investing too much energy in the comment counts or the lack thereof can only put more pressure on you.  I like to think that blogs should continue the way they started – with genuine, self-motivated thoughts.

8. Be Okay With Incomplete Thoughts – I appreciate this piece of advice, because this reminds me that blogs are not edited and published news articles.  So much of what makes blogs such great teaching tools is that the answers are found in the brainstorming among the blog community.

9. Give Your Ideas Air –  I think young PR professionals can really benefit from this advice.  Confidence, Confidence, Confidence!  Allowing yourself to take a leap of faith to give your ideas some much needed stomping ground can really pay off in the end.  If not now, when?


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One response to “Breathing Life into my Blog

  1. Kelly

    Lovely ideas. 🙂

    Sequins & Shadows

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